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cheap aluminium oxide grit suppliers in china

Model No.︰p10-p240
Brand Name︰Wilson Abrasive
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1068 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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We are a professional brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, black corundum, pink corundum, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide and other abrasive products manufacturer and supplier in China, having more than 19 years manufacturing experience, 35,000m2 workshop area, serving customers worldwide. Our Mission is to provide high quality, factory price products to you! We pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient production turnaround for our clients, no matter the size of the order. Welcome to contact us for best offer and free samples! We will reply within 24 hours!

The increase of output has a significant effect on the size of silicon carbide crystal, which requires a certain amount of aluminum oxide to meet the requirements of electrical performance. Alumina has a great influence on the color of silicon carbide crystal. A little higher alumina content in the furnace burden greatly increases the difficulty of smelting green silicon carbide. It can form compounds with low melting point and great fluidity with silica, block the reduction of silica and reduce the reaction speed of forming silicon carbide.

Taking the first grade brown aluminum oxide as an example, the product is brown red particles, which are mainly used for fine polishing and grinding of high-grade refractory materials and precision workpieces. The secondary and secondary brown corundum are mainly used for polishing, grinding, grinding wheel manufacturing, sandblasting of large-scale workpiece and so on. Brown corundum is produced by air flow comminution. The main factors affecting the production are material parameters and air flow parameters.

All carbon tool steels and medium carbon low alloy steels are suitable for grinding after being hardened, and the surface of low carbon steels is suitable for grinding after being carburized and hardened; the alloy tool steels with oil quenching have good toughness and high grinding resistance; the grinding efficiency of nitriding steel is low, but good surface roughness can be obtained; generally, the hard alloy cannot be grinded with ordinary abrasives, commonly boron carbide is used as coarse grinding, and the diamond powder is used as grinding paste for fine grinding Grinding, so the grinding efficiency is low.

In the collet of spring pneumatic holder, the electrode is supported by the tension of pre tightening spring, and the release of the pull ring or the pressure block is realized by the cylinder. This kind of brown aluminium oxide can be divided into two types: top bar type and pull rod type. Spring yellow top bar type collet, which relies on the tension of the spring to press the electrode in the front of the collet through the top bar. After the cylinder is filled with compressed air, the electrode is relaxed after the spring is compressed by the lever mechanism.

However, such institutions require careful maintenance and regular inspections. The structure of the suspension lifting mechanism is simple, mainly composed of motor, reducer, winch, pulley and wire rope. According to the technological requirements of corundum smelting, the electrode lifting speed is very slow, about 0.7-1m/min. The advantages of the suspension lifting mechanism are simple and reliable equipment, low cost. However, the equipment covers a large area, and the plant building should be high.

The disadvantage is that the sensitivity of overload is large, the bucket and traction mechanism are easy to be damaged, and the dust at the outlet is large. Pneumatic conveying is a kind of conveying method that takes the moving airflow in the pipe as the power to send the materials into the pipe to the designated place. According to the pressure in the conveying pipe is lower or higher than brown fused aluminum oxide atmospheric pressure, pneumatic conveying can be divided into suction type and pressure type. According to the conveying mechanism, it can also be divided into plug flow pneumatic conveying and suspension pneumatic conveying.

Payment Terms︰L/C,Western Union
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